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’Sea    of    Sounds'    Schools    Project Introducing Delia to a new generation. Working with three groups (two schools, including Barr’s Hill, the school Delia attended and a drop in session at the Tin Community space), we introduced young people to the work of Delia Derbyshire, the techniques she used as well as the music and musicians that influenced her.

Each group had approximately 6 hours to produce an improvised, experimental Sea of Sounds. lnstruments. drums, our voices and even hair bands were recorded and processed to form the base material for the performance which involved pupils from the schools  on the afternoon of the 5th May 2017 in the New Cathearal.

Recording digitally using Audacity, Reaper / sampler plus effects, we collated, edited, effected, sliced, looped and spliced sounds into a piece or part of the sea. We used Delias methodology to create our pieces. using digital sampling techniques in place of tape manipulation.

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