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Sunday 6th March 

Drapers' Hall


Supersonic Kids Gig w/ Lia Mice
3pm - The Ballroom

Electronic musician & instrument maker Lia Mice will perform experimental techno-pop on her self-designed instrument ‘Chaos Bells’ as part of this year's Deliaphonic celebrations.

Hosted by Anna Palmer from Dorcha at Drapers' Hall Coventry. Sun 6th March at 3pm. Tickets on sale now

Journey to Nutopia

4.30pm - Room 2

Age guideline: 14+ years (under 16s must be accompanied by an adult)

JOURNEY TO NUTOPIA is a conversation about positive future narratives that refute the inevitability of global dystopia. We're not giving up on this world just yet - as poet Salena Godden and author John Higgs both declare - 


Poetry performance from Salena Godden and comedy from Andrew O'Neill. 


The panel line up is John Higgs, Salena Godden, Michelle Olley (chair), and Richard Norris 

Journey to Nutopia.png
The Oram Awards logo.png

The Oram Awards
7pm - The Ballroom

Celebrating the work and voices of women, girls and gender minority music creators in electronic music.

The Oram Awards present: 

  • NikNak - performing live turntablism improvisation using her own field recordings

  • Lia Mice - experimental electronic AV set fuses immersive soundscapes with experimental techno-pop, accompanied by her latest large sculptural instrument Chaos Bells

  • Venus Ex Machina - a composer and interdisciplinary artist with a background in mathematics. Expect abstract & haunting electronic soundscapes

  • Aja Ireland - sound and performance artist making deconstructed club and industrial techno. The new live performances reveal a new, vulnerable transformation of the performer; shedding make-up and costumes and bringing a brand-new digital collaboration.

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